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13 simple ways to relieve stress

How to relieve yourself from stress

Stress can be defined as an action that determines pressure or tension. At the same time, it also describes a strong mental or emotional incapacity to think properly. It is accompanied by worry and anxiety.

Stress may sound harmless but it may result in adverse circumstances if not handled correctly.

If we talk about tension or stress in an object, it would also greatly describe how a person is being affected mentally and emotionally.

Let’s dive in to understand how stress affects our inner and outer self.

Take a look at this rubber band and picture out these situations:

(ref: The stress and rubber band analogy)

Image result for rubber band stretch

Here, stress Is being represented by the rubber band while your actions such as pulling it or putting pressure on it can be regarded as all circumstances and factors that may lead to stress. 

Once you’ve pulled a thick and strong rubber band too much and more than what it can bear, tension may start to come in and may result to it coming out of different directions that can hurt others or even yourself.

On the other hand, as you put pressure on the band while pulling it, especially if the band is too thin, it would eventually break or may leave your fingers sore and tender.

At the end of either situation, this analogy shows that if one is unable to handle and manage stress, it can lead to some harmful situations not just to yourself but to every people or anything around you.

Everyone is prone to stress and in reality, even animals or materials are being exposed to one. As someone who has the ability to think, it’s important to think of ways how to manage it properly.

These are 13 easy steps to relieve yourself from stress.

  1. Take a walk
  2. Avoid foods made with chemicals or preservatives (processed foods)
  3. Eat more vegetables and fruits
  4. Listen to comforting music or the ones you prefer!
  5. Call your best buddy/buddies
  6. Meditate, take time to think of great things you did!
  7. Drink tea to eliminate coffee intake as much as possible
  8. Aromatherapy (inhaling scents that cater special effects depending on your needs)
  9. When you are stress, get enough sleep!
  10. Smile! Laugh more.
  11. Time to seriously give time to your hobbies!
  12. Do another meditative activity with the use of coloring books with attractive prints.
  13. Write and learn. Write the things that upset and making you stress and how are you able to cope up. This will help you be reminded what to do once it occurs or you experience the same thing again.

These don’t require any special skills nor spending thousands of dime just to get you going on your next task.

Always remember that 99% of disease came from stress! It’s often called dis-ease.

A healthy mind means a healthy body!

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