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7 signs of Alcohol Dependency


Drinking alcohol can be considered a practice or tradition. But, there are some that are drinking to harmful levels, which causes them to be dependent on it.

Alcohol consumption has been widely known and being done worldwide. It’s surprising that despite any issues or controversies, alcohol-dependent people are badly increasing year after year. According to the “Nation Archives”, in 2016, there were 57% of adults that are alcohol drinkers, which equates to 25.3 million adults in England alone. That figure doesn’t include anyone who’s below 18 years old.
Alcohol-dependency determines the serious or misuse of alcohol which causes harm and damage to one’s health and well-being.
Typical drinkers might not feel or admit that they are alcohol dependent hence, they don’t even know that they are one. Here are 7 signs that will help you identify if you find alcohol as a necessity:

1.   Habit – When you make excuses just to drink. You usually incorporate drinking as a form of relaxation and dealing with stress. You would make it sound like it is a normal thing to do.

2.   Morning sickness – Your morning sickness isn’t similar to how moms feel during pregnancy. You have the urge to take just one sip to go on with your day. Or else, your condition and motivation wouldn’t go a long way. 

3.   Night cravings – very common to those who are suffering from alcoholism. They cannot imagine themselves closing their eyes without tasting their favourite vodka or beer. Even tiredness cannot make them go to bed but beer can.

4.   Added tension – you always worry about your next drinking session and where is it gonna be. Even occasional events doesn’t seem to be an exclusive gathering for family and friends because you are just sitting with your beer bottle the whole night.

5.  Irresponsibility – You choose drinking over other obligation that matters. You set things aside just to suppress your need to drink.

6. Mood swings – You usually feel bad right at the start of your day, until it messes up everything. But, the worst is, you don’t even know what’s upsetting you until you feel the need to drink again.

7.  Visible signs – these are the signs that don’t need an expert in order to identify. If you have been a harmful drinker for a long time and have been incorporating alcohol in your daily lifestyle, you’re prone to certain medical conditions such as stroke and high blood pressure.

Starting signs/symptoms of overconsumption can include incoherent speech, poor balance, sudden loss of consciousness, vomiting, nausea and other stomach related concerns.

These signs are just the typical actions of those people affected by alcoholism. This is more than just a checklist. What you end up doing while you are still in a clear state of mind is completely up to you. Alcohol dependency is still a matter of choice when you are starting to feel like you are inheriting one of the signs mentioned above. Seeking professional assistance or rehabilitation can also be considered the condition is getting worse and uncontrollable.

Always remember that good health is a treasure that cannot be found elsewhere, hence, you have to look and work hard for it. 


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