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Back To Work After Maternity Leave With My Detox Tea


Frumpy, flat and fretting about my performance. That’s how I felt when it was time to return to work after my maternity leave was up. Both my mood and my looks weren’t great but luckily enough, I was recommended to try Teami Blends detox tea to get back on track and this is how I dealt with that.

If parting ways with your baby after months of watching her growing isn’t hard enough, try going back to the daily grind. When I was working I often went above and beyond my required workload, relieving colleagues of their workload and collecting extra research. This earned me respect and a good reputation around the office.

Motherhood is a totally different job. I cherished every moment with my baby, even the ones when she wouldn’t stop crying. Looking after a little person makes you feel like you’re living an active lifestyle, but most days I realised that I never even left my area.

This change of pace had me mentally exhausted – I didn’t even have the stamina to do my Sudoku. And like many new mothers, I started to put on weight.

My mood wasn’t the best at the time: leaving my baby for most of the day, adapting to a new routine, facing new challenges… And looking good was definitely something I needed to kick start my new beginning with some positive energy. I wanted to look my best and feel ready to work again – fast. So I decided to try one of those detox teas that all those popular Instagram mummies talk about all the time.

I went for the brand Teami Blends, as recommended by one of my favourite Instagramers, and I chose their 30 Day Detox Pack. I have to admit that, at first, I had a feeling that I was wasting my time and money on a fad that wouldn’t work. But I went through thousands of online reviews and I managed put my concerns away and started my detox with optimism – and hope.

Detoxification is a very healthy practice but you should still take it seriously: taking care of your body with a good diet, regular exercise and a peaceful sleep. So if you are considering a detox make sure you understand what it is and what you should and shouldn’t eat or do during the process.

As I was saying, I tried Teami Blends and honestly, it didn’t take long for the results to show. Of course I was also exercising and watching my diet, but I wouldn’t have lost that much weight by just going to the gym and eating less. And not only did I lose a few pounds, I felt super energised, confident and full of life. But most importantly, I was back in the headspace to perform my best at work.

By Gabrielle Briner.



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