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Confessions of a Green Teaholic


I am a big fan of Green Tea and I’ve to admit that I am addicted to it! Who wouldn’t be? The smell, taste and how it looks absolutely attracts anyone who comes close to it. According to the “Color Psychology“, there’s a special feeling that the color green symbolizes particularly nature and tranquility. Even researchers say that the color green can improve one’s reading ability. (While I am writing this blog, I am thinking of making my students’ examination papers in green, LOL) Surprisingly, while doing my research, (Coz again, I am addicted to Green Tea) I also figured that during the 15th-century, the color green was the preferred shade of the wedding gowns as it symbolizes fertility too! 

Well, enough of the fun-facts and let me go over to what I want to talk about today. Due to my addiction to Green Tea, I thought of being able to use it to any parts of my body, while eating something with Matcha and drinking my green tea. I even dreamt of being lost in a place where Hansel and Gretel wandered but in a house full of green tea. 
While I am scrolling thru Twitter, I saw this post where her face was covered with green, of course, I rushed and clicked on it. I saw that it was one hell of a Scrub and Detox! I immediately look at the full post and see it was a TEAMI brand. The next thing I knew is that I am checking the cart out. (Kidding! Just to make the story short)
Teami Green Tea detox mask green tea facial scrub
My order arrived after 2 days, just like what they’ve promised. but the expectation doesn’t end there, as I’ve to test and try the products while making sure that Ants won’t be attracted in any way. 

Just to give you a background about my skin, I have a sensitive one and using facial masks causes me to break out. Anyhow I still tried it coz I really had a good feeling about these products (not just because it’s Green but because of the reviews I saw prior to buying them.). What I really liked the most about these products is that they contain 75% organic green tea, unlike others that use preservatives and harmful chemicals. 

Let’s talk about results now. As early as 3 days, I’ve seen an unusual glow on my face! The blackheads that used to fill up my nose like they are having some kind of a reunion every now and then were cleared up, the dark spots around my cheek lightened up a bit, AND what is more awesome? my fiance just proposed to me!! (Hah! I just wanna bring up the good news but it’s absolutely not because of my new look.)

Before and after 3 days
Overall, I highly recommend these Teami products from their service (shipping timeline) and results! If you are looking to save a lot of quid, avoid spending £50-55 for an hour facial cleanse, that will eventually hurt you coz of the pricking and extraction, these are the go-to products I would extremely endorse to anyone! The Green Tea detox mask and scrub costs £24.99 each, which are good for multiple uses. 

Who said you cannot enjoy Green tea & Matcha cheesecake while detoxing and scrubbing in the comfort of your home? 🙂




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