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Easy Remedies To Cure Sun Burns


There are a lot of things to love about the summer, but a lot of things to hate as well. The heat, the sweat and most of all the sun burns.

Sun burns are basically parts of our skin which gets really scorched by prolonged stay in direct sunlight. It can happen on the beach or if you are walking in the sun. It is also possible for it to happen in patches or on your whole exposed body. Sometimes, no matter how much sunscreen you apply your skin gets burnt, or you forget to reply another coat which then leads to burns.

Sun burns can be extremely painful, making it hard to wear clothes or your silver rings. So, here are a few remedies to sooth the pain and cure your skin:

1. Potato Paste

We all love potatoes, we like eating them in different ways, but who knew they would come handy here as well. Just take scrubbed potatoes and grate or blend them in a bowl. The paste should be liquid and not dry; you can add water if you like. Soak the cotton balls in that mixture and then place it over the burn. Potatoes will relieve the pain and provide the moisture needed. This is a good option if you have patches of burns and not when your whole body is burnt.

2. Cool Milk

Milk cools your skin down and creates a layer of protein to heel you skin. So chill a good amount of milk and add it to your tub of cold water and then just lie in it for as long as it is cold.

You can also make a cold milk compress by soaking a gauze or a washcloth in cold milk and then placing it on your burn till it is cold.

3. Cool off with Mint & Tea

Mint has natural cooling tendency and the acid found in green tea will help relieve the pain and heal your damaged skin.

So just boil a quarter of water, about 5 green tea bags, without the string and tags of course along with 3 cups of fresh mint leaves. Strain after it has been set of the flame for some time and chill it.

Then just use cotton balls or clean washcloth to apply to the area, you can add to the water in your bathtub as well. Soon enough you will be all healed and ready to flaunt your jewellery like silver rings in no time.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the go to remedy for any skin related problems even sun burns. It cools down the skin and provides the necessary healing nutrients. You can make pastes, gels, use it to clean your face and freshen up your skin anything you want. It helps sooth insect bites and irritation as well.

If you have an aloe vera plant, then just cut out the big leaves, open then and rub the gooey material inside on your burns.

You can also buy aloe vera based gel from the markets and use that. You can spread on your whole body and let it there for some time.

You don’t need to cool it as aloe vera has natural cooling abilities but if you want you can keep the gel in the fridge, do not keep the leaves in the fridge as they will just dry out. It all dries out so you don’t necessarily need a shower after that but if you like a cold water shower will do.

Other than these, keep yourself hydrated and use as much sunscreen as you possibly can. Avoid going out in the sun till you skin is healing and don’t wear any body-hugging clothes or heavy jewellery.

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