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Lemony Tilapia Packets


We kid you not: the microwave is your answer to perfectly cooked fish in a flash. When you’re facing a dinnertime crunch at the end of a long day, this 15-minute meal ventures into the lifesaver category. The same recipe can be made with other fish such as salmon, rainbow trout, haddock, or catfish.

Hidden hacks

Bundling up tilapia and vegetables in parchment packets and heating it all in the microwave traps steam to add moisture and guarantees you’ll be serving restaurant-worthy tender fish.

High voltage

Most modern microwaves pump out at least 1,000 watts—cook times for most recipes are based on this power output. Look on the back of your microwave or inside the oven door to determine the power of the machine. If you have a lower-wattage microwave, you may need to increase cooking times.

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