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Overweight Bride-To- Be Loses 20 Kg In 12 Weeks Thanks To Teatox Diet


Before her wedding day she was a size–16 and weighed 80 kilos.

She limited herself to 1,200 cal. a day using Teami Blends’ detox programme.

Old diet of takeaways and white wine made her obese and depressed.

A size 16 bride-to- be, who lost 20 kilos (over three stone) for her big day, celebrated her weight loss by having her honeymoon in a trendy beach resort – so she could show off her sexy new figure to her admiring husband.

Emma Smith, 26, from West London, began losing weight a few months before her marriage using the Teami Blends Detox Pack. Within 12 weeks, the bride to be had shed 20 kilos and realised she was able to fit into one of her bridesmaid’s size–10 dresses. She even bought a new sexy swimsuit for the first time in 5 years.

Emma, who works in the office of a high street bank, said: “I got so fed up of being overweight and it really started to affect my health and confidence, so I couldn’t believe how quickly the weight dropped off me.”

Searching on her phone for ‘Teami Teatox ’, the product being discussed by her friends at work, Emma quickly discovered the new, ‘miracle’ teatox winning rave reviews from slimmers all over Britain.

“Teatoxing helps you cleanse your body while it increases your vitality, metabolism and natural immunity”, Emma explains. “So you’re more responsive to dieting and exercise. But Teami Blends Teatox takes it up a level.”

“I was over the moon when I could fit into one of my bridesmaids’ dresses, and then my best friend Laura suggested I try one of my old dresses on as well. It was absolutely huge on me and made me realise how far I’d come. I was so excited when we went out shopping and tried on swimsuits for my honeymoon. I felt like a completely different person. I showed my fiancé and he was gobsmacked, he said he doesn’t recognise the old me any more.

When she first met Josh a lab technician, three years earlier, she was a relatively happy size–12 but put on weight after being promoted to a new job, due to longer hours, eating late and having no time to go to the gym. She was also drinking more.

She finally took action when her weight ballooned to 80 kilos, and vowed to stop eating takeaways every night. Despite trying numerous diet plans in the past, it was Teami Blends Teatox that finally helped her to shed the kilos.

Emma said: ’I got really upset about my weight, going shopping and not being able to find anything that fit right. All of a sudden I decided enough was enough. We had such hectic lives, with takeaways every night. It was always just easier to get a pizza from the takeaway next door.

“Josh put on 20 kilos as well but he’s quite tall and plays rugby every week. He has also lost weight thanks to Teami Blends Teatox.”

“My weight started giving me a lot of aches and pains. It really got me down so once I made up my mind to lose weight, I knew I’d succeed.”

Initially Emma purchased the Teami Blends Teatox Pack, which includes 30 day supply of Skinny loose-leaf tea and 15 colon cleanse tea bags. “The product not only boosts your metabolism so you start burning stored fat, it also naturally raises energy levels, detoxes your internal organs, reduces bloating and improves skin complexion. I looked and felt better in just 30 days“ Emma said. “The muscle spasms and muscle tightness I used to feel when I was overweight disappeared. I felt like a new woman.”

Emma wasted no time, making the most of Teami Blends free delivery offer, to order a full three month’s supply of what she saw as her ‘last chance’ to lose weight for her wedding earlier this month.

Returning to her lapsed twice weekly workouts, and banning herself from sweets, desserts and biscuits until after the wedding, Emma then dropped an amazing 20 kilos to fit perfectly into her size 10 dress for her wedding to fiance Josh.

According to Georgina Diaz, spokesperson for Teami Blends, Emma’s pre-wedding weight-loss is no surprise. “Teami Blends detox has a unique blend of natural weight loss activators that helps you burn fat faster, increases your metabolism and increases the amount of gastric acid you produce, and help you detox. It has a great taste, and when people try it, providing they’re dieting and exercising sensibly, they’re amazed by how effective it can be”.

By Phil Shirley.

For more information about Teatox and other great Teami Blends products visit www.teamiblends.co.uk

For media enquiries pleased contact Georgina Diaz at pr@teamiblends.co.uk


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