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Triple-Treat Sports To Boost Weight Loss For Women


Most of us, women,  might think that exercising is the best activity to lose weight. Fear not, as it’s only recommended at least 4 hours per week.

By reading this article, you would be glad that by simply incorporating a sport into your lifestyle (in addition to exercising) will exceptionally boost your goal to lose those extra pounds!

1. Running

Yes! You read it right, running is a sport that is probably the easiest and most ideal activity to execute during your off-hours in the GYM. The key to a more intense workout inside the GYM is to make sure that your heart’s rate is as active as your external.

2. Zumba

Aside from it’s really enjoying, Zumba is the most fun way to boost your weight loss without worrying about feeling really tired and exhausted. Why? Because it’s executed as a group. You will not just enjoy following your instructor’s steps, but the chit-chat during break time or after the activity will completely catch your attention, keeping you from feeling sore.


HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. No, this is not a bustle that you have to accomplish inside the GYM. HIIT can be done at home or even in your room! It consists of repeated rounds of exercises that are mostly being polished in 20 minutes with minimal rest.

Always remember that it’s important that your body will be exposed to different kinds of exercises and work-outs. If not your body will feel sore the first day and will just feel nothing during the next couple of days with the same activity. At the end of the day, losing those extra pounds depends on how well you incorporate your dedication and effort to every step you will make.


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